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SponsorValue Hellas S.A., after years in thesystematic measurement of sponsorship values, now has the experience, cutting edge technology and specialized staff, that allows it to undertake any project regarding sponsorship ROI worldwide

Thank you for the excellent cooperation from which we were led to significant conclusions reqarding our sponsorship activity.
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SponsorValue Hellas S.A. has invested in the development of its own software for the monitoring and measurment of sponsorships, providing totally reliable and valid data. As a result, fair measurement is ensured, which is the cornerstone for effective planning and data analysis for sponsors Through this collaboration we provide our customers with superior service evaluation of their sponsorship programs.

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We offer detailed quantitative and qualitative analyzes that measure sponsorship's coveragy in all media.

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Consulting services


We offer high quality consulting services to aid you in the negotiation of your sponsorship contracts, to formulate the appropriate sponsorship strategy and to find ways to improve your current sponsorship activities.

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Our advisory services combined with our detailed studies offers objective data that maximize the reciprocal benefits of our customers and help them formulate their strategy in a better way.

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